Sparkling Bellini

I know that two posts in one day may be considered excessive by some… but I just have so many looks I want to try out! This one’s been brewing in my head since I got my lovely Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, along with the title Sparkling Bellini.


For my eye make-up, I mostly used Sweet Peach and Topshop’s Chameleon Glow (more than I’d ordinarily pay for a single shadow at £9, but so pretty and incredibly versatile) in Wax ‘n’ Wane, but when I concocted this look in my head, I also thought that Champagne Truffle, of the Chocolate Bar palette, would be a good base for it. Were I to do it over I would skip this step and instead use Bellini itself for this (or perhaps Nectar, to create a brighter finish?), as I feel that they just mixed and dulled the iridescent fabulousness of the title shade.

A reference, since I’m naming so many shades. Also another excuse to photograph this palette because look at it.

I chose to use Caramelized blended upwards from my crease, and it was a little darker than I’d anticipated – in my head this look was more subtle, not much more than a hint of pink sparkle around the eyes – but it ended up working well, and I even blended in a touch of Peach Pit to darken it slightly more. Then, I layered Bellini over the Champagne Truffle on my lid, before finishing off by dusting Wax ‘n’ Wane lightly over everything. Voilà – Sparkling Bellini!


Once I’d finished my eyes – a swipe of NYX felt tip liner and a coat of Revlon’s excellent new mascara later – the search for a neutral lip look that would let my eyes be the focus quickly turned into an attempt at something I’d seen before, but never tried: darker colour at the centre of the lips that fades out and almost obscures the lip line. I’m still getting the hang of lipliner, so this is a favourable alternative – who needs outlined lips anyway? It took a few goes, but I hit on the idea of using my foundation as a blurring tool and that worked wonderfully.


Lastly, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been seeking out some better-quality brushes, and I’ve been recommended Real Techniques. If anyone has any experience of these brushes they’d like to share, that would be great!


5 thoughts on “Sparkling Bellini

  1. Also have used Real Techniques face brushes but not really tried their eye brushes. Too Faced have a nice little set and I also find MAC brushes are a good bet, same with Urban decay!


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