Soft, Pink and Freckly

After my Sparkling Bellini turned into something so different from what I’d imagined – although fab nonetheless! – I decided to have another go and doing something soft, pink and shimmery.

A few days of Scottish sun and my freckles have all come out to play. I think they’re a nice addition to the softness of this look.

I’d wondered previously whether Nectar might make a good base to really let Bellini stand out, so that’s where I started, all over my lid and right up to my brow. I knew immediately that I’d made the right choice. Then, I worked Bellini into my lid – I really wanted it to stand out, because (in case you hadn’t noticed already) I think it’s such a beautiful shade. I swiped a little along my bottom lid as well, but although it is so shimmery and wonderful, I felt like I could do more to put it in the spotlight.

So, on impulse, I grabbed one of my small, stiff brushes (usually too stiff to work with, but perfect for my purpose here) and used Peach Pit to outline a small flick on each outer corner, before blending the colours together. It worked better than I could have hoped!

I wanted to keep it soft, so I used some white eyeliner on my lower waterline, though I think a peachy colour would have worked best if I had one, and kept mascara application to a minimum, just enough to lightly frame my eyes.

So shimmery! The Nectar and Bellini combo working miracles.

Then I used a light tinted BB cream, a little blush and highlighter, and some Maybelline Colour Sensational cream gloss in Coffee Kiss (this of course being before my discovery of MUA Luxe’s Glint, as featured in my last post!) to finish it off. I have mildly oily skin so I don’t often opt for a dewy finish, but I feel like it worked out not too badly in this case.

Now, I suppose my next challenge will have to be trying to leave Bellini alone for a while to have a go at something else…


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