Brows n Stuff

Welp, I guess this is a good time to make a post about how I do my eyebrows.


I got this message this evening to my personal blog on Tumblr and, to be honest, I don’t really understand why.

I’m not trying to brag – I know my eyebrows aren’t perfect, and I would never claim that they are. I have bad eyebrow days just like everyone does. But I get by okay, and I honestly believe that they’re unremarkable at worst when I do them properly. They’re certainly far better than they used to be; make-up is a work in progress, as my seventeen-year-old self will tell you.

The green is from a nearby light – I wasn’t that inept!

But for some reason this evening I’ve been accused of “doodling on [my] forehead”, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I do my brows.

For a long time since I discovered the eyebrow pencil, all I did was shape them a little and then colour them in with that same pencil. That sufficed pretty well, but I just couldn’t master the fade towards the bridge of the nose. Almost, but not quite. So, on a whim, I decided to try a little eyebrow kit – a BarryM one that I’d picked up some months before and then never used – and all of a sudden the fade I’d been after was entirely possible (though not all eyebrows are drawn equal, and sometimes you don’t notice until you see yourself un-mirrored).

DSCN1181 sdf
I don’t really see where the forehead-doodling comment came from though, if I’m honest.

I use a little angled brush, from the set I’ve mentioned before that’s largely too stiff to use for eyeshadow, and I draw a light outline with a pencil before filling in the rest from the brow kit and then holding the shape with a touch of gel. Nobody ever taught me, I just learned from practice and perseverance, and I think I do okay. I’m certainly not dissatisfied with the results most of the time.

But anyway, if anybody has any tips on how to improve I’d love to hear them – though preferably without the swearing.


9 thoughts on “Brows n Stuff

  1. Whoever said that disgusting comment probably has awful eyebrows… I would understand them posting a comment and actually showing who they are so we could check out their brows, but to say it anonymously… Jealously in one anonymous comment haha.
    Love your eyebrows – on point!

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  2. Hi Lonna, Fi from waterstones here. Decided to have a wee browse of your blog as I’m currently in the middle of a massive make-up obsessive phase haha. This made me want to comment as I always thought you had really lovely eyebrows (in fact I think that might have been one of the first things I said to you). Glad to see you are doing well and I absolutely love that galaxy eye look! X

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    • Ahh Fiona, hi! Thank you so much! I do remember you saying that to me, I appreciated it a lot haha. Hope you’re doing well too, I’m sure I’ll see you whenever I pop in πŸ™‚ x


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