A Little Bit of Gold

I spent quite a long time looking for the perfect gold eyeshadow, and I found it in my trusty Chocolate Bar.


I’m really a fan of the kind of halo eyeshadow look, because I love bold, bright and sparkly shadows and I feel that this is the perfect way to showcase them without worrying about looking like a seven-year-old who’s raided their mum’s make-up bag.

Sorry for the over-stylised picture, I just think this palette is so beautiful!

I think that were I to do this look over, I would apply the shadows a touch more heavily, but I’ve always had an issue with being a little too careful so this is something I have to work on anyway, and in any case, I had several reasons to keep it light. I used Crème Brulee, Triple Fudge and just a hint of Salted Caramel, which (as always seems to be the case with me) I had to apply quite hastily as I was in a hurry. I kept the rest of my make-up simple and light, as I was aiming for a look that wouldn’t be out of place in the daytime, but which wouldn’t be too simple to carry me into the night time, since I was unsure of our exact plans but knew that they would continue all evening and that I wouldn’t have time to re-apply.

Forehead doodles on point…

It’s not always an easy balance to achieve, but I think I managed okay.

Also – sorry for my absence over the last few days – I had an impromptu trip to visit a friend in Dundee, and a party to organise, so I’ve been very busy!

I’d usually leave it there, but I have a couple of other things I want to chat about today. Firstly: my local Boots has recently opened a NYX counter, which is fantastic and is always the first one I gravitate to when I’m there, but I had my eye on a particular lipstick (NYX Round Lipstick in Lala) and after searching instore on several occasions and finding it sold out every time, I gave up and ordered it online instead. I’m quite excited about it for a couple of reasons, so I’ll be featuring it in a post soon!

And secondly: I’ve been invited for an interview at a college in my city to study Beauty Care!! The course is currently full but it’s very common for quite a few people to drop out before the course starts – if for example they find something else or don’t achieve the required grades – so I’m feeling very hopeful about that. The interview is on Wednesday, so please wish me luck!


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