Sunset Eyes

I wanted to have a go at crafting my own look based on something more than just my imagination, so I found an old holiday photo and pulled out some colours to play with!

L-R: Peaches N Cream, Bellini, Purée, Georgia, Bless Her Heart, Tempting

I started out by trying to match the colours I’d extracted from the photo to colours in my palette (Sweet Peach – of course), and list below is what I came up with, with the numbers 1-6 corresponding to the colours as they appear from left to right. I didn’t have anything quite as orange as I’d have liked, but I had almost everything I was looking for.

This is the neater version, believe it or not.

I decided that although the brightest light in the photo is off to the left, I would have my ‘sunset’ in the middle, and create a version of the halo look. I know that my little drawing isn’t particularly clear, but it should give you an idea of how I applied the colours and in what order.

I also made some amendments to this guide as I went along. First, I found that Bellini alone (it just happened to match best – honest!) didn’t quite create the pop of colour and light in the middle of the lid that I was after, so I applied Nectar in the centre of what’s labelled in my drawing as section 2, and White Peach to the centre of that, to create a graduated brightness.

Reference photo! Not an excuse for showing off this palette again. At all.

And secondly, though Tempting best matches the dark greenish shade I picked out from the photo, it looked somewhat at odds with the oranges on my lids. So, after I’d applied it and then fretted for a few moments that I’d have to start over, I swept some Purée over it, blended it out with Georgia, and the day was saved.

I knew that I wanted to opt for a slightly thinner liner look to go with this (though a dark mossy green would have been ideal, if only I owned one), but I wanted to do something else to try and capture the beams of sun. Wishing again that I had more brightly coloured liners to choose from, I turned to my white kohl pencil and added a line of brightness to the underside of my liner flicks.


I really like the impact this adds to the overall look – it’s subtle, but the extra hint of light makes a difference, I think. Using Bless Her Heart as my inner corner highlight didn’t work out quite as well as I’d intended, but I would have discarded this colour choice to go with this look had I not wanted to challenge myself to use all the shades I’d selected.

Something I particularly enjoyed was that – unintentional though this may have been – the majority of the shades I used were matte shades, and being so partial to sparkles as I’m sure you all know I am, it was nice to have a chance to work with those for a change. I’d even cautiously suggest that they blend a little better than my usual shimmery shades, not that that’s going to change my mind.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this, and I’m hoping to do something like it again soon!


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