Interview Day!

So today was my interview for Beauty Care at college!


I did a little research on what kind of make-up might be best received – subtle but skilful, or all-out showing off? – and the general consensus seemed to be the former, so that’s what I aimed for.

I primed my lids with my MUA eye primer (jury’s still out on this one; I’ll cover it in a later post once I’ve used it a few more times), and set down a base of White Chocolate (from Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar – what else?). I wanted to keep things matte and muted, so I used Salted Caramel as my transition shade, went over my crease with Semi Sweet and finished off with just a touch of Triple Fudge to darken things up. I spent a bit of extra time on the blending, as I wanted everything to be very soft and blended out.

Belatedly, after choosing and applying my soft brown shades, I remembered how well olive shades complement my eye colour, so I added a little Bless Her Heart over the White Chocolate on my lid. In retrospect, I think the look would have worked better without this, but it wasn’t a massive error.

The lady doing my interview even said she loved my make-up!

I used some white liner on my lower waterline to enlarge my eyes, went over my top lashes with my NYX Two Timer liner (both ends; kohl first), and then finished with a couple of coats of my Ted Baker mascara. I got this mascara in a make-up set I received as a Christmas present and which I plan to write a post on very soon, because it contained some incredible make-up and could even potentially be credited for the kick-off of my newfound make-up love!

I kept the rest of my make-up light and careful – although I did have a go at some contouring! For this I used a matte bareMinerals bronzer and bareMinerals angled face brush, but I don’t blame you if you can’t really see it in the photos – I’m so new at it that I can’t help but be cautious.


I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.

As for the interview itself, I’m not so sure! My interviewer did indeed comment on the quality of my make-up, but make-up is only one element of the course, and she seemed discouraged by my lack of experience with the others – massage and manicures and the like. We’ll see. I got positive vibes from her regarding me as a person, but I felt like something was off. I should find out soon either way!


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