New Too Faced!

So, I don’t know how I managed to miss this, but I’ve only just discovered that there’s a new Too Faced eyeshadow palette arriving on the 15th of June??

All pictures from the Too Faced website!

It’s called the Totally Cute Eyeshadow Collection. And it’s definitely right to be called that. It even comes with stickers!!

Here’s what the Too Faced website has to say about it:

It’s a combo totally MFEO (made for each other, duh): Nine brand new highly pigmented shades in matte to shimmer finishes plus totally cute limited edition stickers to jazz up your palette! Everyday neutrals and bright pops of color allow you to create a look that’s hashtag AMAZING!

This palette immediately appeals to me because I am so into all things cute and pink (see: my Sweet Peach obsession). I’ve also had nothing except good experiences with Too Faced eyeshadows (see above… and almost all of my other posts…).

But, though my instinct is to make grabby hands and start saving my non-existent cash, I’m not sure if and when I would actually use the shades in this palette. The only ones I can see myself using on a regular basis are the three larger shades (the bottom two of which I reckon could double as highlighter), Storm Cloud (the teal) and Meow (the purple). Chocolate Donut is not bad as a shade, but I already have all the browns I need in Chocolate Bar.

I think that once my instant “must have” reaction has been quelled, I can pinpoint my issue with this palette: it seems a little childish. I’m perhaps contradicting myself massively here, because I’ve just talked about how much I love pink and I enthused about the stickers too, but it’s easy to imagine a palette like this at a fraction of the quality being included as the free goodie accompanying a kiddy magazine. (Ouch. I don’t really do harsh. That didn’t feel good.)

When it comes to it, though, it’s not at a fraction of the quality – I’m quite confident that the shadows will be beautiful, creamy and pigmented, as all the Too Faced shadows I’ve used so far have been, and that really is what makes the difference. I may just be trying to convince myself that no, I don’t need this one. I don’t need it.

I’m probably going to look at it on the website every day until it releases and end up convincing myself otherwise, though.

What do you guys think?


9 thoughts on “New Too Faced!

  1. I feel like I have seen similar colors as these in different palettes they have released. Like the pink in the Chocolate Bon Bons, the plum-ish color in the Sweet Peach and chocolate Bar? It is just me who thinks that?! I am head-over-heels for my Sweet Peach, but I am not too impressed with this one!

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  2. No no I definitely agree! I didn’t mention in the main post (mostly because I felt I was starting to ramble…) but I also feel it bears a resemblance to the Sugar Pop palette, which I had mixed feelings on too.

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    God I hate them, they’re unavailable in Croatia and I want pretty much everything by them xD
    I have their Chocolate Bon Bons, I hope I’ll manage to get this little beauty as well 🙂

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