Duochrome Magic

Warm toned eyeshadow? Me?… Okay, but bear with me, because this look does have a twist.


I used a duochrome glitter shadow over the top!

I didn’t have anything in mind today when I sat down in front of all my make-up, but I knew I wanted to have a go at something I hadn’t done before. And while the look I achieved isn’t massively dissimilar to ones I’ve done before, I just love how it turned out.

For this look, I primed my lids, went over them quickly with Peaches N Cream (from my lovely Sweet Peach palette, of course), and then used PurΓ©e in my crease as my transition colour. Then I applied Summer Yum – which I have used only scarcely in the past, to the outside corners of my lids and along my crease. As I did this, though, I felt as though I were just following the same pattern as I always do, so on a whim, I covered my whole lid with Summer Yum instead, and blended a little along my bottom lashline.

Then I was stuck.

I had this wonderful light brick-coloured base, with no idea what to do with it. I was looking down at my palette, but nothing was coming to me; I was at a dead end. Until I remembered my old favourite, Topshop’s Chameleon Glow in Wax ‘n’ Wane. I realised that although it has a pink-blue shimmer, the base can sometimes appear quite similar in colour to the shade that was on my eyes already.

L-R: No flash, no flash, flash.

It’s a difficult effect to capture on camera.

But I swept one light brushful of it over my matte, brick-coloured base, and I fell in love with it yet again. It’s no secret that I love sparkles, but this is such an incredible shadow, and it transformed the whole look (though unfortunately I don’t have a ‘pre-glitter’ photo).

I’ve not been feeling so good today, but this cheered me right up! There’s just nothing quite like a good old experiment with beautiful colours to help you out of a slump.

Look at that pink shimmer!

Have you guys tried any duochrome shadows you liked?


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