At Least I Have Lashes

I was blessed with quite long natural lashes. And I’ve always been happy about that, but I’m extra glad now, because with the state of my skin thanks to my eczema, I need to stay away from eyeshadow for a bit.

Thankfully, itDSCN1404‘s not noticable on my face. But it is beginning to affect my eyelids, and apart from anything, it makes them very difficult to work with – drier, rougher and more wrinkled than usual. Not an ideal base for nice softly blended eyeshadow.

I’m gutted, as you can imagine. I love all things make-up, but eyeshadow is my real passion. I went to see Warcraft, and I was planning on doing some really heavy themed eyeshadow for it. Instead, this look is what I wore. I know I’m lucky that my lashes alone do a fairly good job of framing my eyes with just a couple of licks of mascara (Revlon Super Length, which I got in my May Glossybox!), but I feel like an artist whose canvas is spoiled. But anyway, since I realised I had to roll with the au naturale look, I’ll talk a bit about what else I did.

I did my eyebrows as usual (in fact a friend of mine suggested that I writeΒ a tutorial on how I do them so keep an eye out for that!), though I realised that they might be a little too bold for my face with my eyes so much lighter than normal. After using my normal shade on them I went over them a bit with a paler one, but I’m not sure it made much of a difference.

I always do my eyes first. I’ve seen people call this madness, but I touch my face so often whilst applying my shadows and so on that it wouldn’t make sense to have foundation already done.

After my eyes and brows were done, I primed my face with Maybelline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser, and then followed with a Rimmel BB cream. I wanted to keep everything pretty light, so I left it at that and set it with a Bare Minerals mineral veil. I popped some blusher on my cheeks (I use a beautiful blush palette I got in a Ted Baker gift set which I also plan on making a post about in future!), and went for my most nude lipstick shade, which again was part of this set.


I was sceptical of this shade when I first saw it; I don’t usually go for anything with a coral tone to it, and this certainly isn’t something I would have picked up on my own. Even when I first tried it on my lips, I didn’t particularly like it. But I’ve come to love it. It’s so creamy, softly matte, and so easy to both apply and wear.

I also used Champagne Truffle as highlighter again, and I’m completely converted. This is hands down the best highlighting product I’ve used, and I own at least three other products.

As for the eczema – I’ve ordered an Aveeno cream that I’ve seen highly recommended, so hopefully that should help clear things up and I’ll be able to indulge in eyeshadow again as soon as possible. I think that the eczema on my eyelids at least has been aggravated by my use of Simple Oil Balancing wipes, and I’ve heard a few people say that similar things have happened to them, so I’ll be avoiding those from now on.

Do any of you have any eczema-busting miracle remedies? Or any products that have irritated your skin?

11 thoughts on “At Least I Have Lashes

  1. I have had eczema on my eyelids for nearly a year. Currently trying coconut oil on them, it helps a bit. Avene eye cream has helped too. I find metallic eye shadows can bring irritation to eyes. Sometimes what you eat plays a big role in too.

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    • I’ve heard some good things about Garnier Micellular Water so I’m going to start using that as a make-up remover to see if that helps, since this has definitely got worse since I started using the Simple wipes! Might have a go at coconut oil too, thanks for your comment πŸ™‚


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