Good News…

I was offered a place on the Beauty Care course that I interviewed for last week!!

The slightly less positive news is that I’m not sure that I’ll be able to take it, for various reasons including finance and a bit of uncertainty as to whether or not we’ll still be in Glasgow for the next academic year.

But, provided these obstacles can be overcome, I’ll be off to study Beauty Care! This is just great and so well-timed, because I’ve been feeling increasingly down about my prospects lately, what with one thing and another.

I won’t have time to do a proper post today I’m afraid, but with my eyelids still feeling a little sensitive, you won’t be missing out on much face-wise. It’s not all bad though! Here are some things to look for from me in the coming week:

  • a review of a Colourpop Ultra Matte lipstick that I managed to get my hands on
  • a June Glossybox unboxing!
  • hopefully, a dramatic return to eyeshadow

I hope you’re all having a fab day!