A Quick Update!

I took my camera and laptop with me on my trip to Harrogate, fully anticipating keeping semi-up to date with posting… and managed to leave my charger behind.

Hence poor-quality photos.

So, here I am, posting from mobile and hoping that it turns out okay.

I was particularly happy with my highlight in the bottom right photo – I do have my eye on a Sleek highlighting palette, but Chocolate Bar’s Champagne Truffle is still working beautifully.

In the photo on the left, I’m holding a glass of prosecco I was given for free whilst my boyfriend tried on a suit in Paul Smith!

And the teacup (which I just thought was pretty) contains a peppermint tea all the way from Australia, courtesy of my boyfriend’s sister who has just returned from there.


I’ve been continuing my eyeshadow ban, for the most part, (though I’m desperately missing my beautiful Sweet Peach palette) but on the occasions I did cave in and wear it anyway, I at least had my camera with enough juice left in it to snap some photos, which I’ll be able to post at some point in the near future!

I return to Glasgow tomorrow and am heading straight into celebrations with some friends, but I should hopefully have some time to write a proper post on Friday!

How have all of your weeks been?

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