Using Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

This is something I have no experience with at all, but I was excited to try something new!


I wanted to go for a medium-dark matte cut crease to bring more attention to my lid, so that I could then line it with something sparkly and have it shimmer to its full potential!

It’s thankfully not too evident in the photos, but I just could not get the shades on my crease and above to blend smoothly. Whether it be due to the condition of my eyelids (I also forgot to use a primer, oops), the inadequacy of my brushes or some combination of the two, it remained stubbornly patchy. Similarly, the smaller brush I used to first apply Chocolate Bar’s Candied Violet as a liner refused to hold enough shadow to make a definitive line. It did however sprinkle glittery purple all over my lashes, so it wasn’t all bad.

At this point it occurred to me that the extra-buttery texture of my one Colourpop shadow might lend itself well to acting as liner, so I dipped into that and it worked much better. I ended up using a combination of the two – Candied Violet worked beautifully on my lower lid so I didn’t want to replace it entirely, but the two purples are not quite the same in tone so I had to layer them on top of one another to achieve a single shade.

DSCN1575As this was my first go and I was pretty happy with how it turned out, I didn’t want to potentially spoil things by attempting a flick, though when the idea popped into my head there was going to be one. Were I to do this again – and I fully intend to – I think I would add a wing, although I may put that on hold until I have some better quality brushes (which are the first thing I intend to spend my wages on when they come in!).

I also deliberately went easy on the mascara on my bottom lashes, because I really wanted the purple to pop.

In related news: I’ve experimented with a new kind of featured image for this post (as I figure it must be getting boring just seeing portrait photos of my face all the time!) and I was wondering if any of you had any feedback? I’m in two minds about it – part of me says it’s great, and part of me says it’s far too busy. I’m open to constructive criticism, but please be kind!