My Boyfriend Explains Make-Up…

I saw this tag posted by agirlrecommends and I thought it would be pretty fun. My boyfriend’s not too bad with this stuff, and he asks me genuinely sometimes to tell him about what I’ve done to create a look, but it’s just not something he knows all that much about.


Primer J: “Uhh… primer? Is used at the start… and … it’s used before you put on foundation? It… it… it… preps the skin… for the foundation.”

BB creamJ: “What?”
Me: “BB cream.”
J: “Ahh, god. I reckon this is a curveball. Nah I dunno. I don’t have a clue. Oh, no! Do you put it on your lips?”

FoundationJ: “The foundation is used to make… to give you an even skin tone and make your skin look nice.”

ConcealerJ: “Conceal your spots!”

PowderJ: [long pause] [really long pause] [laughs] “Gosh… uhh… powder… is used to … see the thing is it can’t be highlighter and it can’t be tint and it… okay… it’s like another layer of foundation that you put over your foundation that it helps it do the thing.” (?)

Brow gelJ: “Um. Like. Helps… your eyebrows stay in shape. The actual brow… lashes. Eyebrow lashes? Eyebrow hairs. ”

EyeshadowJ: “Used to shadow the eye. The bit underneath the eyebrow. But not part of your eyeliner and mascara do.”

Eyeliner J: “Uhh. Used… urgh I hate it though because I don’t like things going in my eye. It’s used on basically your eyelash line to make your eyes look darker and you can do the flick on the end. And if you’re being fancy you can do… waves and stuff. Cat eyes.”

Mascara J: “Makes your eyebrashes– eyelashes look longer and thicker.”

Colour corrector J: [pause] [long exhale] “Corrects the colours… of your eyeshadow and eyeliner? Or, no, eyeshadow and highlighter?”

ContourJ: “Uhh. [pause] I know it as like that… I don’t actually know how it works. I just know that you put it on really defined where you want your highlights and your lowlights on your face and where you want to frame it. Makes you look like a skull. Like Skeletor. And then you blend it. In a Nutribullet.”

Bronzer J: “Helps you look a little bit tanned.”

BlusherJ: “Helps you look a little bit blushed. It reddens your cheeks and you might put it in other places for whatever reason I dunno.”

HighlighterJ: “Highlights your highlights. You usually put it on relatively tall parts of your face… your cheeks… the top of your eyebrows? [sees me smiling as I type] No. I don’t know if that’s a good typing face or not. The thing I get confused about is that like you put a bit of highlight under your eyebrow like on top of your eyeshadow?”

Setting sprayJ: “Put it on after everything else and it helps set your face. Can give you either a fresh faced glowy look or… not.”

Final commentsMe: “Do you want to have a final comment? Just to round things off?”
J: “There is so much make-up.”

So, there we have it.


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