Meet My Cat!

This is Juniper, my lovely kitten-who’s-not-a-kitten, the 5 year old rescue cat my boyfriend and I adopted just before Christmas and, true to form, the minute I started typing this she hopped up on to my keyboard and whacked out “pThis is Juniper, my lovely t5rrr9*|£$+++++++1+*1” with those nimble little toe beans.

It’s a pretty common occurrence.

I’ve wanted a cat for my whole life, and Juniper is everything I could have hoped for. She’s friendly, inquisitive, so affectionate, and when my alarm goes off in the morning, she sprints to my side to jump up on the bed and nuzzle my face, all the while purring like a fluffy little pneumatic drill. It’s just an added bonus that she’s tiny for her age, perpetually kitten-like, and so cute I can hardly bear it.

When I first introduced the idea that we were going to adopt a cat on other platforms, I had some people tell me that I shouldn’t, some concerned about how my mental health would affect my being able to care for a pet, some just downright rude about it; but they were all wrong. My head has been, and continues to be, difficult for me, but having Juniper is an unending source of joy, and one that purrs when I kiss its soft little head.

She loves being kissed – honest.

Has this just been a little love letter to my cat? Yep. Am I sorry for it? Nope.

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