Something for Summer

It’s another sunny and warm day in Scotland today and I sort of can’t believe my luck! So I wanted to do something nice and summery with my make-up to celebrate.


I’m continuing my mission to try and use shades I haven’t used before, and today’s was Sweet Peach’s Just Peachy! It’s not particularly evident in the photo, but I used this pink shade over my lid (with a base of Peaches N Cream), and it has a beautiful golden shimmer to it that I hadn’t previously noticed.

I had to use my camera’s flash to coax it into showing up, but when it does, it’s fantastic! I swept some Just Peachy on to my outer corner and crease, and popped a little highlight on to my inner corner with Luscious. Nice, bright and summery

Fun fact: I was speaking in this picture.

Now, on to my eyeliner. I’ve been searching for a decent liquid eyeliner for a while now, after I realised that my Rimmel one was just too watery to achieve the effect I was after. I began using NYX’s Two Timer, but I found that the felt tip just didn’t stay saturated enough with product. And then, whilst picking up some Pot Noodles in Tesco, I noticed that a magazine called InStyle was boasting a free eyeliner pen, worth £12! I had never heard of the brand, Eyeko London, but I couldn’t pass up that opportunity, especially not when the magazine itself was on offer at only £2.50. As soon as I left the shop I eagerly opened it up, drew a quick line on my hand, and then grinned. It looked perfect.

When trying it for the first time today, I decided I would also try a new method of eyeliner application – the one most of you will likely have seen, if you don’t already use it, which involves drawing the outline of a flick and then effectively colouring it in. Although I wouldn’t say my attempt went perfectly, I’m very pleased with the outcome nonetheless.


To finish off the bright Summer Look, I used this Absolute New York Velvet Lippy – the formula of which tends to seep into the lines of your lips, but also blends out of them quite well if you go over it a few times, not to mention that it smells of vanilla and butter – which is often too bright and overshadows my shadows (as it were), but which complements this look perfectly.

Rather than foundation, I opted for a nice light (SPF 20) BB cream today, and I also used Chocolate Bar’s Champagne Truffle as my highlighter, which worked like and absolute dream and which I will most definitely be doing again.

A spritz of Marc Jacobs’s Daisy, and I’m ready to head out into the sun!

Front Page News, Apparently

So, this isn’t directly beauty- or make-up related, but I wanted to talk about one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had to date…


… I was on the front page! (Disclaimer: entire page pictured to show that it’s the front page, not because of any of the other stories. Also, despite misleadingly placed headlines, I am not in fact a former Labour leader.)

My friend and I were enjoying a picnic on the first hot day of the year – given that I live in Scotland, these are few and far between, and especially unusual in early May – when we were approached by a couple of photographers who asked if they could take some pictures of me to go with their stories about the hot weather. They cleared away my half-eaten sandwich (which I had been enjoying, but never mind), positioned my friend’s wicker picnic basket near me instead, and asked me to go through a variety of poses whilst they snapped away with their cameras. The whole thing was over in a few minutes, and left me wondering if I was in a dream – nothing like that has ever happened to me before!

Not exactly what we meant when we said we wanted to take a lot of pictures that day…

But the next morning, there it was: my face (if a little distorted by the fold of the page) splashed over not one, but several newspapers, toasting the sun with my fizzy drink and holding on to my £4 hat from the children’s section of Morrisons that I’d bought only hours previously in anticipation of a day spent outside.

I’m flattered and a little dizzy about it all, and I bought a copy of each paper I could find myself in just to reassure myself it was real (and also because, you know, I’m in the paper!).

In the name of keeping to my theme, I’ll also quickly mention the make-up that I wore that day.

Picture taken right before my hair got the chop.

I wanted to keep it light and simple since I knew it was to be a hot day, so I had a go at Semi-Sweet, the second of the three looks in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar How-To Glamour Guide, which as suggested by the name is primarily made up of pinks and soft browns. I used just a touch of tinted BB cream (SPF 20 to avoid a burnt nose) and a hint of blush, and also got to try out my new matte cream Velvet Lippie from Absolute New York, which appeared in my Glossybox right on time that very morning. It’s a little more peachy than I’d usually go for, but it has a wonderful buttery smell and it was perfect for the day.

It was certainly a good start to my summer (assuming, of course, that we get any more hot days for the rest of the year)!