Classic Smoky Eye…?

I’ll be honest, I knew that this wasn’t going to be classic anything the minute I picked my shade – Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in Stereo.


My intention was to use my new book (Easy on the Eyes, by Lisa Potter Dixon of Benefit Cosmetics) and try out the first eye make-up look in there: the classic smoky eye, in five minutes or less. It really was. But the book recommended grey eyeshadow, and whilst I know that would be most appropriate, and whilst I do even have a decent L’Oreal shade in that colour… well, the book also said that the colour grey was optional, and my Super Shock Shadow has so far been most shocking in how little I’ve had a chance to use it. And I don’t regret this choice in the slightest, because I discovered (if by the happy accident of pressing my brush into it a little harder than intended) that this shadow is incredibly creamy and so very easy to build up to the shade pictured above.

All I had to do was pop on a few layers, applying the shadow to the middle of the lid and blending out to each side (but not too far), swipe some along the bottom lid with a small angled brush, then add some mascara – following the book’s excellent recommendation to coat the bottom lashes first – and I was pretty much done with my eyes. It did take me a bit longer than five minutes, but only because of the aforementioned happy accident and the fun I was having with it.


Brows and the rest of my make-up took somewhat longer than five minutes, but by this point any intention of following the book’s guidelines had pretty much gone out of the window anyway; besides which, the book promises an eye make-up look in five minutes, not a full face of make-up.

Another interesting this about this look, for me at least, is that I very rarely go without liner of some sort, but the wonderful sparkling depth of this shade is just fantastic on its own, and in fact I’d go as far as to say that it could easily be spoiled by eyeliner (in my opinion) if not applied very finely. I have a feeling that a set of medium-length/volume false lashes would look excellent, but unfortunately I am yet to purchase any of those!

Speaking of purchases I have yet to make, I mentioned in my previous post that the quality of my brushes, particularly my eyeshadow brushes, can sometimes let me down. I have a couple that are of a nice quality, but the rest are from a set that I misguidedly bought online for about £1.50, and they’re just too stiff to work with. So, if anyone had any suggestions about better quality brushes, they would be much appreciated! I’m on a bit of a budget, and I’d been eyeing up some EcoTools brushes that I saw in Superdrug, but I’m open to all recommendations!

Sweet and Smouldering

Today I got to try out my new Too Faced Sweet Peach palette for the first time!

Since I was unfamiliar with the shades and only had about half an hour, I decided I’d try something from the How-To Glamour Guide rather than experimenting, and the one that jumped out to me was the middle of the three: Smoldering Peach. It used bright pinks, oranges and purples, but also had enough dark shades that I thought I could get away with it on a cloudy day in a mostly-black outfit.

The shadows went on like a dream and the colours were beautiful, but it was quickly apparent that the deep purple – almost black – in the illustration would be near-impossible to achieve with the given shades. So I got to have a go at experimenting after all, and immediately my brush strayed to Talk Derby to Me, since I’d been eyeing up that starry-sky shade since way before I even owned the palette. At this point my less-than-professional brushes let me down a little as the application was patchy, but I managed to darken things up and smooth it all out with a whole load of blending.

I also realised that the flash of Candied Peach along the inner corner of my lid, though sparkly and wonderful, just wasn’t achieving quite the pop of colour I was after, so I swiped some Bellini (another shade I’d been lusting after) over the top and immediately got the desired effect.


It still didn’t go quite as dark as I’d intended, but I haven’t had a chance to experiment with much purple and I was enjoying the way it looked as it was. I also blended it into slight points curving up to meet the downward point of my eyebrows rather than blending it all around, which I think sets it off quite nicely. I also put just a dusting of Topshop’s Chameleon Glow in Wax ‘n’ Wane over the top to add a bit of sparkle (though you can’t really see it in the photo) – this is something I’m keen on doing because I could always stand to be more glittery and Wax ‘n’ Wane, though pinky in colour, is neutral enough to be lightly brushed on top for this purpose without altering the colours too dramatically.

I also happened upon this book today and I think it was fate’s doing:


What are the chances of stumbling across this on the day you decide to start a blog about the very subject??

I’m really looking forward to having a proper flick through this and trying out some new looks. I’m sceptical about the “5 minutes” part, but we’ll see.