Eyes Like Angels

I recently got my hands on the Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels palette and I’m kind of obsessed.


A lot of the Makeup Revolution hype has been around the Fortune Favours The Brave palette, and I feel like some of the others have been somewhat neglected as a result – not that that palette isn’t a work of art. Admittedly, I passed over Eyes Like Angels a fair few times without giving it a proper look as the disorganised nature of the colours wasn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing, but once I actually started swatching it, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they all were. I was having a hard day and honestly that little mint green at the bottom left (Green Envy) pulled me right out of it all on its own.

Anyway, here are some of my favourites!


From the bottom upwards they are:Β Green Dream (which, confusingly, is a bright royal blue), Sophisticated Pink, Dream (which has more of a pink shift than you can see here), Emerald Night, Purpled!, Pink Frosted, Green Stars, Green Envy (probably my #1 fave with a beautiful pale golden shift!) and Bold Purple.

This palette contains some of the most beautiful and incredibly pigmented shadows I’ve ever come across, and I’m including all my high-end products in that. The shades and colours are incredible, and I couldn’t wait to start doing some bold looks, so I decided I’d finally get round to the pictorial I keep talking about whilst I was at it!

Something I was pretty keen to do was to include all my mistakes, not try to hide any of my stray eyebrow hairs or whatever. I wanted to create something quite real and relatable; not because bloggers and vloggers who present more refined images are not, but because it’s sometimes quite nice to see an interim, if that makes sense – something which looks good (in my opinion), but doesn’t feel unattainable. I’m still learning myself, about how to apply what and where and in what direction, and I didn’t want to hide from that. And also, I absolutely don’t pluck my eyebrows often enough, and I don’t plan to.

So, with all that in mind:

My first step to pretty much all my eye make-up looks is to apply MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer, and then blend it out with this fluffy (and in need of washing) brush.



Then, more often than not, I’ll use my Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush to apply a generous amount of the shade White Chocolate from Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette – an excellent and beautifully fragranced base for any look.

I then blended Salted Caramel, an excellent transition shade, into my crease.

Using my finger, I applied Green Envy (still not shown to its full glory in these photos) to my lid. This is the best way to get the best colour payoff, but it is a little imprecise!


I cleaned it up and blended it out a bit after.

Again using a finger, I applied Emerald Night to the inner and outer corners of my lid. I blended it out again using a fluffy brush.

With a liner brush, I lined my lower lid with Sophisticated Pink, and blended it out, before realising I wanted it bolder and applying another line over the top (hence the two pictures!).

Liquid eyeliner. The scary part where it could all go wrong. (I use a Rimmel one but it’s running out!)

Doing my eyeliner this way is completely new to me, and I always doubted that it would work, but… it does. I also, as I’ve mentioned before, always used to pull the skin taut before doing my liner, so doing it without that is taking some getting used to! I definitely made some mistakes whilst applying this but I managed to get the end product looking pretty good.


Now for the brows!

I use a relatively blunt brow pencil to add a little colour and fill in the gaps, then brush and blend it all through with a spoolie brush.

Sorry for the blurriness of that first photo, I have no idea what happened! I use my newest brow discovery, NYX brow pomade, to outline the tail of my eyebrow.

I fill in the rest of the tail, not going far beyond the lines I drew, and then blend it out with a spoolie. A bit of Benefit’s Ready, Set, Brow! over the top and I’m good to go!


Oh, and of course I added a touch of KIKO Milano multicoloured Glitter Liner in the middle of my lid and under my eyeliner wing, because who can resist a bit of glitter?


So, I know I haven’t been very active on here, and I can only apologise. I have a lot going on between working and trying to find a new flat, and correspondingly my mental health has taken something of a nosedive. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post on here for a little while what with all that and the fact that we’re moving next week, but I should still be relatively active on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for reading!

Brows n Stuff

Welp, I guess this is a good time to make a post about how I do my eyebrows.


I got this message this evening to my personal blog on Tumblr and, to be honest, I don’t really understand why.

I’m not trying to brag – I know my eyebrows aren’t perfect, and I would never claim that they are. I have bad eyebrow days just like everyone does. But I get by okay, and I honestly believe that they’re unremarkable at worst when I do them properly. They’re certainly far better than they used to be; make-up is a work in progress, as my seventeen-year-old self will tell you.

The green is from a nearby light – I wasn’t that inept!

But for some reason this evening I’ve been accused of “doodling on [my] forehead”, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I do my brows.

For a long time since I discovered the eyebrow pencil, all I did was shape them a little and then colour them in with that same pencil. That sufficed pretty well, but I just couldn’t master the fade towards the bridge of the nose. Almost, but not quite. So, on a whim, I decided to try a little eyebrow kit – a BarryM one that I’d picked up some months before and then never used – and all of a sudden the fade I’d been after was entirely possible (though not all eyebrows are drawn equal, and sometimes you don’t notice until you see yourself un-mirrored).

DSCN1181 sdf
I don’t really see where the forehead-doodling comment came from though, if I’m honest.

I use a little angled brush, from the set I’ve mentioned before that’s largely too stiff to use for eyeshadow, and I draw a light outline with a pencil before filling in the rest from the brow kit and then holding the shape with a touch of gel. Nobody ever taught me, I just learned from practice and perseverance, and I think I do okay. I’m certainly not dissatisfied with the results most of the time.

But anyway, if anybody has any tips on how to improve I’d love to hear them – though preferably without the swearing.