An Unexpected Find

I was intending for today’s post to be about a cute, soft pink look I created from some experimenting this morning, but in the interim between taking the photos and writing the post I went for a wander round some shops, and I found this incredible lipstick!


It’s MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Glint, and it’s not my usual (at least not for lip colour), so when I first swatched it on my hand I was taken aback by how dark it came out (too much so even to take a photo, apparently). But, after applying a little more and thinning it out a bit, it turned into this glorious shimmering celestial shade and I knew I had to have it. MUA Luxe is usually a touch more expensive than the original MUA products, but this was half price at only £2! I also picked up an eyeshadow primer and a matte setting spray which I’ll talk about in future posts.

Contrary to what I originally thought when I first swatched it, it did actually require a couple of coats to get the finish shown in the picture, and the pink of my lips showed through a fair bit until I had applied these. But, if you’re willing to reapply more often than normal for such a beautiful colour (and even if you aren’t!), it’s definitely worth the £2.


I don’t truthfully know when I’ll wear this lipstick. It’s very unlike anything else I have, as I mentioned, and whilst that’s not a bad thing in itself, I’m not sure what to combo it with, and I’m also not sure I have the confidence just yet to pull off such a bold shade. But I’m glad I bought it, all the same.

I guess I’ll save my soft pink post for another day!