Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches

I have so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes now (and a couple of gorgeous singles) that I thought I’d bring them all together in one post!


I suppose it will come as a surprise to very few of you that these are not all of the eyeshadows I own. But this is most of them, and I thought it would be fun to do some swatches to show those of you that don’t own one or more of these palettes what they’re like. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to swatch Chocolate Bar or Sweet Peach. Trust me, I wanted to. But I figure you’ve all seen enough of those not to want to look at them on my arms as well!)

First of all, my two favourite singles, both of which have featured on my blog before: Topshop’s Chameleon Glow in Wax ‘n’ Wane, and Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in Stereo.

Honestly, neither is done justice by a still photo. Wax ‘n’ Wane has so many shimmery colours and Stereo has got this crazy amazing depth, and neither can be shown properly whilst static. But, I’d say they still look pretty damn good in these. Also, Stereo has such a velvety texture – it’s incredible, and I wish that I didn’t have to shell out so much extra for shipping!

Next: W7 In The Night palette.


I was super excited when I first got this palette. It was early in the year when I was just beginning to realise how much fun I found make-up, but before I had even thought of spending more than a tenner on a palette (this one was under £5 from Amazon). And, granted, it does look lovely in the palette – if you can ignore the slight mess I’ve made of it – but I’ve found that even the colours that look good in swatches are difficult to build to that intensity on the lids.


I haven’t swatched these in any particular order – I decided when I first pulled all these palettes out that I was going to do random samples, rather than full-palette swatches.Whilst the second from the bottom shade here does look lovely (it’s fourth in from the right in the palette) and was comparatively easy to build, the shade below it, the second in from the right in the palette, went on flaky, as did a couple of the others.

I did however take a second picture of these particular swatches, because I felt that the colour at the top of my arm looked much nicer in reality and I wanted to give it another chance to shine.


It is actually really quite nice – it’s the orange colour from the palette, second from the left – but again, it does take some building, and as much as I do love this effect in eyeshadows, especially with these colours, I have enough others similar enough which are better quality that I won’t be reaching for this any time soon, sadly.

MUA Luxe Paradise palette


The way this palette is laid out annoys me (and also it’s much smaller than it looks here – maybe around four or five inches), especially because my favourite colour is that squished little red right along at the end! But, having said that, it’s been unfairly eclipsed of late by my shiny new Too Faced palettes, because, on swatching, I remembered just how great these shades are.


Look at these colours! That payoff! I can’t believe I’ve let this palette sit unopened for so long. That pale colour at my wrist could be a very decent highlighter. And we all know how much I love a warm-toned eyeshadow – although that purple is also very lovely. I’m so glad I’ve rediscovered this palette and I’m definitely going to be using it again soon! In the meantime, here’s a dreadful-quality photo of a look I created a while ago using some of the reds in this palette (as well as some darker shades from others):


Tanya Burr Hollywood palette


I bought this palette around the same time as the W7 palette and I think I’ve maybe used it once. I just really didn’t think the colours were anything special, and I bought the palette mostly for the gold shade ‘enchantment’ but I couldn’t get it to go onto my eyes as anything more than a few pieces of scattered glitter.


It looks better in swatches than I ever managed to make it look on my face (despite the fairly obvious fallout), but this seems to be the case for quite a few of the palettes I’m writing about today, so maybe I should give them another go – it’s entirely possible I was just doing something wrong before. The second palest shade in particular (‘gold coin’) looks just lovely here.

Sleek MakeUp i-Divine original palette


I still haven’t had a chance to use this palette, but I’m still so excited about it, and even though I’d decided to do a bit of a pick ‘n’ mix in terms of swatches, it was difficult to restrain myself with this one. I’m not proud to say that I think I may have been spoilt a little by my Too Faced palettes and that therefore I’ve seen less expensive palettes as inherently worse quality, but Sleek has given me the kick I needed to nip that burgeoning snobbery in the bud.


I’m absolutely infatuated! It turns out that I was wrong in an earlier post when I mentioned the beautiful rosy golden colour (above the green on my arm) – I thought it was Big Ben, but it was actually London Eye, so sorry about that folks! I love all of these colours and I can’t wait to try out some bold, colourful looks with them. Also, as a sidenote, anyone getting some Earl Grey (from Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons) vibes from the blue? Regardless, I truly love every colour in this palette and I am so excited to get some use out of it.


Which eyeshadows are you guys loving just now?


I’m so happy with how this turned out!


This look wasn’t planned, and in fact only arose due to a conversation in which my boyfriend told me I still had half an hour to wait before dinner. “I’ll go and play with make-up, then,” I said, and this was the end result!

It wasn’t totally unpremeditated, I admit. I have had several ideas buzzing around in my head since starting this blog, and some kind of galaxy/space look was one of them, but I hadn’t intended on doing it just yet (and certainly not in the evening when the light was fading so quickly I had to be somewhat resourceful to get decent-quality pictures).

I didn’t really have an exact technique in mind, and in fact it ended up being so experimental that I honestly couldn’t recreate the exact order in which I did things, but I set out with some brushes and Makeup Revolution’s Day to Night eyeshadow palette, and started heaping on the sparkly blues and purples, just to see where I’d end up.

We know I’ve been relying too heavily on Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach so this was a good chance to try something new!

Once I’d got down a good heavy base of dark blue/purple (using the shade above the “N” of “Revolution”, which comes out more purpley than it appears), I went over it using the shade one in from the left, which is much brighter once applied than it looks. I did this quite haphazardly on purpose, keeping in mind the array of mottled colours in your typical galaxy.

Then, I experimented. These are the colours I used!


I was keen to have some red and green in there as well as just purple, blue and black, but by the time it was all layered together, these weren’t as clear as I would perhaps have liked. I dotted on some stars with the Galactica liner, but although this took a couple of attempts to achieve the look I was after, I feel that the hastily blotted first tries actually contributed quite well to the overall effect. Wax ‘n’ Wane, my classic glitter fave, was added over the top to create the illusion of smaller stars in the background, and Colourpop’s Stereo is just too deep and sparkly to miss out of a look like this.

As I mentioned, I don’t remember the exact order in which these all went on – I was just having a bit of fun and seeing what would work. I think that the variety of shades was key, though, because I didn’t want this to be a uniform blue or black space scene (as pretty as those can be). Then, as a final touch, I painted some of the Galactica liner over the ends of my lashes, to create the effect of some extra stars.

I also used my MUA eye primer for the first time, with favourable results.

I had a lot of fun creating this look and I would definitely like to see what variations I can come up with in the future!

An Unexpected Find

I was intending for today’s post to be about a cute, soft pink look I created from some experimenting this morning, but in the interim between taking the photos and writing the post I went for a wander round some shops, and I found this incredible lipstick!


It’s MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Glint, and it’s not my usual (at least not for lip colour), so when I first swatched it on my hand I was taken aback by how dark it came out (too much so even to take a photo, apparently). But, after applying a little more and thinning it out a bit, it turned into this glorious shimmering celestial shade and I knew I had to have it. MUA Luxe is usually a touch more expensive than the original MUA products, but this was half price at only £2! I also picked up an eyeshadow primer and a matte setting spray which I’ll talk about in future posts.

Contrary to what I originally thought when I first swatched it, it did actually require a couple of coats to get the finish shown in the picture, and the pink of my lips showed through a fair bit until I had applied these. But, if you’re willing to reapply more often than normal for such a beautiful colour (and even if you aren’t!), it’s definitely worth the £2.


I don’t truthfully know when I’ll wear this lipstick. It’s very unlike anything else I have, as I mentioned, and whilst that’s not a bad thing in itself, I’m not sure what to combo it with, and I’m also not sure I have the confidence just yet to pull off such a bold shade. But I’m glad I bought it, all the same.

I guess I’ll save my soft pink post for another day!