Olive Eyes

I haven’t done much with olive colours before, but I enjoy how they bring out the green in my ambiguous green-blue eyes!


I was in a bit of a hurry getting ready when I tried out this look, so I again turned to my Glamour Guide from Sweet Peach, and this time went for Southern Belle, which I’d been saving to wear on an evening rather than during the day as it’s quite dark.

It’s a nice easy one to apply, and Bless Her Heart is really such a beautiful shade. I’d never been keen on olive as a colour in any capacity before it made its way into my make-up collection, but now that it’s here, I’ve fallen in love with it. I framed my eyes with liner (no flicks, just lashes – thank you Revlon Super Length!), matched them with my Maybelline gloss and I was good to go (save for the rest of my face, but I’ll go into more detail about my routine where that’s concerned another day, as it doesn’t really vary by much).

There’s also a little pop of Bellini on the inner corners. I promise I was intending to stay away from it for a while!

I can’t wait to experiment more with this kind of look. When I first saw Bless Her Heart before I even had the palette I was wondering about how it would go with Chocolate Bar’s Guilded Ganache, which is a sort of deeper olive shade with some gold through it, so now I’ve uncovered my love for olive eyeshadows I might delve into that quite soon! Bless Her Heart might be a touch too green to go with it, but we’ll see.

And also, as a bonus to this post: a minimal make-up look I wore to a job interview today!

Complete with “caught in the rain” hair.

After a few days in a row of experimenting with heavy eyeshadow, it was quite refreshing to try something so much lighter. My interview was for a bakery/sandwich shop, so I had to go for a very minimal look, but I quite liked it!

I should find out if I have the job in the next few days so keep your fingers crossed for me please 🙂