Something for Summer

It’s another sunny and warm day in Scotland today and I sort of can’t believe my luck! So I wanted to do something nice and summery with my make-up to celebrate.


I’m continuing my mission to try and use shades I haven’t used before, and today’s was Sweet Peach’s Just Peachy! It’s not particularly evident in the photo, but I used this pink shade over my lid (with a base of Peaches N Cream), and it has a beautiful golden shimmer to it that I hadn’t previously noticed.

I had to use my camera’s flash to coax it into showing up, but when it does, it’s fantastic! I swept some Just Peachy on to my outer corner and crease, and popped a little highlight on to my inner corner with Luscious. Nice, bright and summery

Fun fact: I was speaking in this picture.

Now, on to my eyeliner. I’ve been searching for a decent liquid eyeliner for a while now, after I realised that my Rimmel one was just too watery to achieve the effect I was after. I began using NYX’s Two Timer, but I found that the felt tip just didn’t stay saturated enough with product. And then, whilst picking up some Pot Noodles in Tesco, I noticed that a magazine called InStyle was boasting a free eyeliner pen, worth £12! I had never heard of the brand, Eyeko London, but I couldn’t pass up that opportunity, especially not when the magazine itself was on offer at only £2.50. As soon as I left the shop I eagerly opened it up, drew a quick line on my hand, and then grinned. It looked perfect.

When trying it for the first time today, I decided I would also try a new method of eyeliner application – the one most of you will likely have seen, if you don’t already use it, which involves drawing the outline of a flick and then effectively colouring it in. Although I wouldn’t say my attempt went perfectly, I’m very pleased with the outcome nonetheless.


To finish off the bright Summer Look, I used this Absolute New York Velvet Lippy – the formula of which tends to seep into the lines of your lips, but also blends out of them quite well if you go over it a few times, not to mention that it smells of vanilla and butter – which is often too bright and overshadows my shadows (as it were), but which complements this look perfectly.

Rather than foundation, I opted for a nice light (SPF 20) BB cream today, and I also used Chocolate Bar’s Champagne Truffle as my highlighter, which worked like and absolute dream and which I will most definitely be doing again.

A spritz of Marc Jacobs’s Daisy, and I’m ready to head out into the sun!

Duochrome Magic

Warm toned eyeshadow? Me?… Okay, but bear with me, because this look does have a twist.


I used a duochrome glitter shadow over the top!

I didn’t have anything in mind today when I sat down in front of all my make-up, but I knew I wanted to have a go at something I hadn’t done before. And while the look I achieved isn’t massively dissimilar to ones I’ve done before, I just love how it turned out.

For this look, I primed my lids, went over them quickly with Peaches N Cream (from my lovely Sweet Peach palette, of course), and then used Purée in my crease as my transition colour. Then I applied Summer Yum – which I have used only scarcely in the past, to the outside corners of my lids and along my crease. As I did this, though, I felt as though I were just following the same pattern as I always do, so on a whim, I covered my whole lid with Summer Yum instead, and blended a little along my bottom lashline.

Then I was stuck.

I had this wonderful light brick-coloured base, with no idea what to do with it. I was looking down at my palette, but nothing was coming to me; I was at a dead end. Until I remembered my old favourite, Topshop’s Chameleon Glow in Wax ‘n’ Wane. I realised that although it has a pink-blue shimmer, the base can sometimes appear quite similar in colour to the shade that was on my eyes already.

L-R: No flash, no flash, flash.

It’s a difficult effect to capture on camera.

But I swept one light brushful of it over my matte, brick-coloured base, and I fell in love with it yet again. It’s no secret that I love sparkles, but this is such an incredible shadow, and it transformed the whole look (though unfortunately I don’t have a ‘pre-glitter’ photo).

I’ve not been feeling so good today, but this cheered me right up! There’s just nothing quite like a good old experiment with beautiful colours to help you out of a slump.

Look at that pink shimmer!

Have you guys tried any duochrome shadows you liked?

Sunset Eyes

I wanted to have a go at crafting my own look based on something more than just my imagination, so I found an old holiday photo and pulled out some colours to play with!

L-R: Peaches N Cream, Bellini, Purée, Georgia, Bless Her Heart, Tempting

I started out by trying to match the colours I’d extracted from the photo to colours in my palette (Sweet Peach – of course), and list below is what I came up with, with the numbers 1-6 corresponding to the colours as they appear from left to right. I didn’t have anything quite as orange as I’d have liked, but I had almost everything I was looking for.

This is the neater version, believe it or not.

I decided that although the brightest light in the photo is off to the left, I would have my ‘sunset’ in the middle, and create a version of the halo look. I know that my little drawing isn’t particularly clear, but it should give you an idea of how I applied the colours and in what order.

I also made some amendments to this guide as I went along. First, I found that Bellini alone (it just happened to match best – honest!) didn’t quite create the pop of colour and light in the middle of the lid that I was after, so I applied Nectar in the centre of what’s labelled in my drawing as section 2, and White Peach to the centre of that, to create a graduated brightness.

Reference photo! Not an excuse for showing off this palette again. At all.

And secondly, though Tempting best matches the dark greenish shade I picked out from the photo, it looked somewhat at odds with the oranges on my lids. So, after I’d applied it and then fretted for a few moments that I’d have to start over, I swept some Purée over it, blended it out with Georgia, and the day was saved.

I knew that I wanted to opt for a slightly thinner liner look to go with this (though a dark mossy green would have been ideal, if only I owned one), but I wanted to do something else to try and capture the beams of sun. Wishing again that I had more brightly coloured liners to choose from, I turned to my white kohl pencil and added a line of brightness to the underside of my liner flicks.


I really like the impact this adds to the overall look – it’s subtle, but the extra hint of light makes a difference, I think. Using Bless Her Heart as my inner corner highlight didn’t work out quite as well as I’d intended, but I would have discarded this colour choice to go with this look had I not wanted to challenge myself to use all the shades I’d selected.

Something I particularly enjoyed was that – unintentional though this may have been – the majority of the shades I used were matte shades, and being so partial to sparkles as I’m sure you all know I am, it was nice to have a chance to work with those for a change. I’d even cautiously suggest that they blend a little better than my usual shimmery shades, not that that’s going to change my mind.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this, and I’m hoping to do something like it again soon!

Olive Eyes

I haven’t done much with olive colours before, but I enjoy how they bring out the green in my ambiguous green-blue eyes!


I was in a bit of a hurry getting ready when I tried out this look, so I again turned to my Glamour Guide from Sweet Peach, and this time went for Southern Belle, which I’d been saving to wear on an evening rather than during the day as it’s quite dark.

It’s a nice easy one to apply, and Bless Her Heart is really such a beautiful shade. I’d never been keen on olive as a colour in any capacity before it made its way into my make-up collection, but now that it’s here, I’ve fallen in love with it. I framed my eyes with liner (no flicks, just lashes – thank you Revlon Super Length!), matched them with my Maybelline gloss and I was good to go (save for the rest of my face, but I’ll go into more detail about my routine where that’s concerned another day, as it doesn’t really vary by much).

There’s also a little pop of Bellini on the inner corners. I promise I was intending to stay away from it for a while!

I can’t wait to experiment more with this kind of look. When I first saw Bless Her Heart before I even had the palette I was wondering about how it would go with Chocolate Bar’s Guilded Ganache, which is a sort of deeper olive shade with some gold through it, so now I’ve uncovered my love for olive eyeshadows I might delve into that quite soon! Bless Her Heart might be a touch too green to go with it, but we’ll see.

And also, as a bonus to this post: a minimal make-up look I wore to a job interview today!

Complete with “caught in the rain” hair.

After a few days in a row of experimenting with heavy eyeshadow, it was quite refreshing to try something so much lighter. My interview was for a bakery/sandwich shop, so I had to go for a very minimal look, but I quite liked it!

I should find out if I have the job in the next few days so keep your fingers crossed for me please 🙂

Soft, Pink and Freckly

After my Sparkling Bellini turned into something so different from what I’d imagined – although fab nonetheless! – I decided to have another go and doing something soft, pink and shimmery.

A few days of Scottish sun and my freckles have all come out to play. I think they’re a nice addition to the softness of this look.

I’d wondered previously whether Nectar might make a good base to really let Bellini stand out, so that’s where I started, all over my lid and right up to my brow. I knew immediately that I’d made the right choice. Then, I worked Bellini into my lid – I really wanted it to stand out, because (in case you hadn’t noticed already) I think it’s such a beautiful shade. I swiped a little along my bottom lid as well, but although it is so shimmery and wonderful, I felt like I could do more to put it in the spotlight.

So, on impulse, I grabbed one of my small, stiff brushes (usually too stiff to work with, but perfect for my purpose here) and used Peach Pit to outline a small flick on each outer corner, before blending the colours together. It worked better than I could have hoped!

I wanted to keep it soft, so I used some white eyeliner on my lower waterline, though I think a peachy colour would have worked best if I had one, and kept mascara application to a minimum, just enough to lightly frame my eyes.

So shimmery! The Nectar and Bellini combo working miracles.

Then I used a light tinted BB cream, a little blush and highlighter, and some Maybelline Colour Sensational cream gloss in Coffee Kiss (this of course being before my discovery of MUA Luxe’s Glint, as featured in my last post!) to finish it off. I have mildly oily skin so I don’t often opt for a dewy finish, but I feel like it worked out not too badly in this case.

Now, I suppose my next challenge will have to be trying to leave Bellini alone for a while to have a go at something else…

Sparkling Bellini

I know that two posts in one day may be considered excessive by some… but I just have so many looks I want to try out! This one’s been brewing in my head since I got my lovely Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, along with the title Sparkling Bellini.


For my eye make-up, I mostly used Sweet Peach and Topshop’s Chameleon Glow (more than I’d ordinarily pay for a single shadow at £9, but so pretty and incredibly versatile) in Wax ‘n’ Wane, but when I concocted this look in my head, I also thought that Champagne Truffle, of the Chocolate Bar palette, would be a good base for it. Were I to do it over I would skip this step and instead use Bellini itself for this (or perhaps Nectar, to create a brighter finish?), as I feel that they just mixed and dulled the iridescent fabulousness of the title shade.

A reference, since I’m naming so many shades. Also another excuse to photograph this palette because look at it.

I chose to use Caramelized blended upwards from my crease, and it was a little darker than I’d anticipated – in my head this look was more subtle, not much more than a hint of pink sparkle around the eyes – but it ended up working well, and I even blended in a touch of Peach Pit to darken it slightly more. Then, I layered Bellini over the Champagne Truffle on my lid, before finishing off by dusting Wax ‘n’ Wane lightly over everything. Voilà – Sparkling Bellini!


Once I’d finished my eyes – a swipe of NYX felt tip liner and a coat of Revlon’s excellent new mascara later – the search for a neutral lip look that would let my eyes be the focus quickly turned into an attempt at something I’d seen before, but never tried: darker colour at the centre of the lips that fades out and almost obscures the lip line. I’m still getting the hang of lipliner, so this is a favourable alternative – who needs outlined lips anyway? It took a few goes, but I hit on the idea of using my foundation as a blurring tool and that worked wonderfully.


Lastly, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been seeking out some better-quality brushes, and I’ve been recommended Real Techniques. If anyone has any experience of these brushes they’d like to share, that would be great!

Sweet and Smouldering

Today I got to try out my new Too Faced Sweet Peach palette for the first time!

Since I was unfamiliar with the shades and only had about half an hour, I decided I’d try something from the How-To Glamour Guide rather than experimenting, and the one that jumped out to me was the middle of the three: Smoldering Peach. It used bright pinks, oranges and purples, but also had enough dark shades that I thought I could get away with it on a cloudy day in a mostly-black outfit.

The shadows went on like a dream and the colours were beautiful, but it was quickly apparent that the deep purple – almost black – in the illustration would be near-impossible to achieve with the given shades. So I got to have a go at experimenting after all, and immediately my brush strayed to Talk Derby to Me, since I’d been eyeing up that starry-sky shade since way before I even owned the palette. At this point my less-than-professional brushes let me down a little as the application was patchy, but I managed to darken things up and smooth it all out with a whole load of blending.

I also realised that the flash of Candied Peach along the inner corner of my lid, though sparkly and wonderful, just wasn’t achieving quite the pop of colour I was after, so I swiped some Bellini (another shade I’d been lusting after) over the top and immediately got the desired effect.


It still didn’t go quite as dark as I’d intended, but I haven’t had a chance to experiment with much purple and I was enjoying the way it looked as it was. I also blended it into slight points curving up to meet the downward point of my eyebrows rather than blending it all around, which I think sets it off quite nicely. I also put just a dusting of Topshop’s Chameleon Glow in Wax ‘n’ Wane over the top to add a bit of sparkle (though you can’t really see it in the photo) – this is something I’m keen on doing because I could always stand to be more glittery and Wax ‘n’ Wane, though pinky in colour, is neutral enough to be lightly brushed on top for this purpose without altering the colours too dramatically.

I also happened upon this book today and I think it was fate’s doing:


What are the chances of stumbling across this on the day you decide to start a blog about the very subject??

I’m really looking forward to having a proper flick through this and trying out some new looks. I’m sceptical about the “5 minutes” part, but we’ll see.